The second song I’ve chosen to cover in my ‘1999’ album is “Waiting for Tonight” by Jennifer Lopez. While I do appreciate the song and its impact, my inspiration for this cover comes not from the artist herself, but from the song’s memorable, catchy, and dance-oriented nature.

The Original Song and Its Writer

“Waiting for Tonight” was originally written by Maria Christensen, Michael Garvin, and Phil Temple1. It was first recorded by Christensen’s girl group 3rd Party for their debut studio album, Alive (1997)1. I’m a fan of this original version, and Maria’s work as a songwriter has been a significant influence on me1.

The Eurodance Influence

My version of the song leans towards the Eurodance aspect of the track. Eurodance is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in the late 1980s in Europe2. It combines elements of techno, house, and disco, and is known for its rich vocals and catchy, danceable beats2. This style of music was a major part of the pop music landscape in 1999, and it’s a sound that I wanted to bring into my own interpretation of “Waiting for Tonight”.

Jennifer Lopez’s Version

While my main inspiration comes from the original version of the song and its Eurodance influences, it’s important to acknowledge Jennifer Lopez’s version, as it was her rendition that brought the song into the mainstream in 19991. Lopez’s version of “Waiting for Tonight” is a dance-pop and Latin house song1, and it became one of her most successful singles1. The song’s music video, which depicts a New Year’s Eve party celebrating the upcoming millennium, became a cultural phenomenon1.

“Waiting for Tonight” is a song that encapsulates the energy and spirit of 1999. Its catchy melody, danceable rhythm, and memorable lyrics make it a perfect addition to my tribute album. Stay tuned for more updates on my ‘1999’ project!